ESEF Plug & Play

Stand-alone ESEF solution
Stand-alone ESEF solution
Tagging of all document types
Tagging of all document types
Instant tagging without implementation project
Instant tagging without implemen­tation project
Ready-to-print layout for direct ESEF reporting
Ready-to-print layout for direct ESEF reporting

What do the new ESMA guidelines mean for my company?

As of 2020, the European Securities Markets and Authority (ESMA) requires all issuers on EU regulated markets to prepare annual reports in the Inline XBRL (iXBRL) format. Inline XBRL is an XBRL embedded in HTML, which means HTML annual reports are also mandatory. These ESEF reportings can be viewed with any web browser.

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XBRL tagger – ESEF Plug & Play without implemen­tation project

Also as

ESEF Reporting with the XBRL Tagger
“Bolt-on” solution:
generate (i)XBRL reports from Word, Excel, PDF and InDesign with the XBRL tagger

With our easy-to-use XBRL certified software, you can create ESEF-compliant reporting in no time. Even without an implementation project and IT knowledge, you can immediately begin tagging your annual reports. The stand-alone XBRL tagger can recognize any data format and process all taxonomies. You can easily map IFRS taxonomy items to the corresponding financial statement numbers.

Convert any MS Word, PDF, HTML, or InDesign document to support the fast and easy operation of the stand-alone XBRL tagger. Once the mapping is done, all tags can be rolled forward to the new ESEF report in the following year.

Alternatively, the XBRL tagger is available as an integrated process solution within our disclosure management software SmartNotes. In addition to XBRL tagging, SmartNotes supports the complete end-to-end process from data imported from the consolidation system to the ready-to-print layout. Further information can be found here.

  • Stand-alone-solution
  • PDF / Word / InDesign tagging
  • Plug & Play
  • All taxonomies and languages
  • Auto-tagging and mapping by smart AI
  • Corporate design compatible export

Disclosure Management SmartNotes:
End-to-end process to the annual report

Our Disclosure Management increases the efficiency in the preparation of annual reports and iXBRL reports and helps you to implement a valid ESEF reporting. Through the integration of the XBRL tagger, SmartNotes is available as a "built-in" version. In addition to XBRL tagging, SmartNotes supports the complete end-to-end process from data imported from the consolidation system, to the ready-to-print layout.

At the same time, our ESEF reporting software offers a variety of additional functions to support the professional work of your employees and to eliminate non-value-adding activities. For example, changes to a data import lead to an update of affected contents, in the tables, in the continuous text and in all language variants of your annual reports.

With our built-in role concept and full audit trail, we offer you revision security and also respond to your individual requirements. In addition, imported values, rounding adjustments, created taggings and texts are retained for the next report. In addition to ESEF, you can choose from a variety of other output formats, such as print-ready Word, PDF, Excel, InDesign, XBRL or iXBRL.

Flexible Interfaces in SmartNotes
Flexible Interfaces in SmartNotes
Ready-to-print layout for direct ESEF reporting
Ready-to-print layout for direct ESEF reporting
Integrated XBRL processor in our ESEF Software
Integrated XBRL processor in our ESEF Software
Similar reports directly in the Disclosure Management
Similar reports directly in the Disclosure Management
Authorization concept and multilingualism
Authorization concept and multi­lingualism
Number management
Number management

AMANA software for your ESEF annual report

Regardless of which document format you have and whether it has a "built-in" or stand-alone "bolt-on" version: our integrated XBRL certified software guarantees a valid ESEF annual report in the iXBRL format.

The stand-alone XBRL tagger can recognize any data format and process all taxonomies; no implementation project or installation is necessary. Additionally, the XBRL tagger is integrated in our Disclosure Management SmartNotes. In addition to tagging, SmartNotes provides a complete end-to-end process from the first data imported from the consolidation system to the ready-to-print layout for publication.

  XBRL Tagger Smart­Notes
  Desk­top Client/­Server
Number of concurrent users working on one report 1
XBRL Function­alities    
Certified (i)XBRL processor x x
Taxonomy extensions x x
Microsoft Word tagging x x
PDF | HTML | InDesign tagging x  
AI supported auto tagger x x
Webpage-Ready-Export x x
XBRL tagging roll-forward x x
Disclosure Manage­ment Function­alities    
Support for multi­lingual reports including number formatting x x
Integrated disclosure checklist x x
Content manage­ment based on Microsoft Office   x
Report roll-forward (numbers, manual adjust­ments, notes & comments)   x
Different types of output documents (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, iXBRL, XBRL, InDesign, etc.)   x
Linking & automatic update of values from data sources ( e.g. SAP, HFM, LucaNet, etc.)   x
Individual workflow system   x
„Layout Robot“ for the automated production of glossy and ready-to-print reports   x
Detailed authorisation system and full audit trail   x

Compare XBRL tagger and SmartNotes – find the right solution for your company.

Check and validate ESEF and iXBRL reports with the AMANA XBRL Auditor

The new ESEF regulation mandates listed companies to publish their annual financial reports in iXBRL digital format. In many EU countries, the ESEF reports also have to be audited or reviewed.

The main challenge of auditing iXBRL reports is the technical validation, checking of tags selected by the report creator and the comparison of the traditional format (PDF) with the new iXBRL format. Auditing iXBRL reports requires new knowledge for auditors and can only be done with a proper certified XBRL software.

The AMANA XBRL Auditor was developed on the basis of our many years of experience from hundreds of XBRL projects with a clear focus on the review and audit of iXBRL reports according to the ESEF regulation.

The AMANA XBRL Auditor supports you by:

✓ Automizing the technical validation in accordance with the ESMA Validation rules
✓ Checks for integrity of the machine readable and human readable document
✓ Supports the documentation with checklists
✓ Version control, by comparing and tracking changes from one version to the other
✓ Client communication with comments
✓ Four eyes and review function

The generic approach allows the auditor to load any iXBRL report, no matter which tool was used to create the report. Immediately, the machine-readable dataset is validated and displayed and can be compared to the "human-readable" XHTML. The compliance check of the report as described by the ESEF Reporting Manual as well as the regulation itself can be performed and confirmed with a single click without any technical or XBRL knowledge.

This allows auditors to focus on what’s important: The checking of the actual XBRL tags and line items, anchoring and calculation link base, which requires traditional IFRS knowledge. The tagging of the main financial statements can be checked or commented on a line-by-line basis from one version to the other.

The integrated checklist allows the complete audit to be performed, commented and documented (using file attachments) by multiple users at the same time.

An automatic and intelligent change detection for new versions of the report ESEF report as well as an XHTML and iXBRL comparison allows to quickly compare changed reports of clients without having to repeat already checked items.

A comprehensive Excel report with all validation results, the taxonomy, the machine-readable data set in multiple views as well as the documented check steps and comments can be extracted.

Integrated XBRL processor in our ESEF Software
Integrated XBRL processor in our ESEF Software
Checklist with documentation and comments
Checklist with docu­men­tation and comments
Viewer for report & tags, taxonomy extension
Viewer for report & tags, taxonomy extension
View  iXBRL reports in read-only mode
View iXBRL reports in read-only mode
Export of the audit report to Excel and Word
Export of the audit report to Excel and Word
Comprehensive Excel report
Compre­hensive Excel report
Key User

AMANA XBRL Auditor Functionalities

  • Plug & Play on-premise installer for Windows Desktop, no IT or Server required
  • API available for automation purposes
  • Report Loading
  • Open ZIP report packages, including taxonomy extensions
  • Open iXBRL/XHTML reports
  • Open XBRL files
  • Open any taxonomy
  • Preload ESEF taxonomy
  • Certified validators by XBRL International:
  • Core (XBRL 2.1 & Dimensions 1.0)
  • Inline XBRL 1.1
  • Table Linkbase 1.0
  • Extensible Enumerations 1.0 & 2.0
  • Formula 1.0
  • Unit Registry
  • ESEF Reporting Manual and RTS Validations (ESMA Conformance Suite passed)
  • Custom validation rules and check list items
  • Versioning of ESEF report version sent by clients
  • XBRL comparer to show differences of tagging between two reports
  • Full document XHTML comparer to visualize differences in track-changes mode (similar to MS Word)
  • XBRL Data View based on extension taxonomy including Presentation, Calculation & Definition
  • XBRL Table View for dimensional table (Statement of Changes in Equity)
  • iXBRL Viewer to show tags in the XHTML document
  • Validation results displayed on fact level
  • Hidden fact viewer
  • Reporting entity identity check
  • Audit standard (PS410) based checklist with automatic, semi-auto and manual items
  • Documentation of audit checks with comments and file attachments for each check list item
  • Status-based workflow for each step, including audit trail (who/when)
  • 4-eyes principle confirmation by different user
  • Tick & tie each and every line item / fact
  • Roll-forward of checklist items and audit results, in new report versions only changed facts have to be reviewed
  • Automatic change detection and checksum calculation on files
  • AI supported tagging peer-group comparison (coming 2021)
  • Excel export for XBRL Data View and Table view, including Presentation, Calculation and Definition linkbase
  • Excel report with table views for dimensional tables
  • Full audit checklist export including comments, timestamps, etc.
  • Customizable Auditors opinion export to Word
  • Validation result report Excel export mode (similar to MS Word)
  • Calculation & Definition each check list item only changed facts have to be reviewed again
  • Calculation and Definition linkbase


ESEF Textblock-Tagging - Lessons Learned

In our webinar, the experiences from the first year of ESEF implementation will be presented, especially regarding text block tagging. In addition to the technical requirements, we will also discuss practical examples in our intelligent software solution SmartNotes.

Referents: Nina Schüller and Philipp Stampfuß

How to create an ESEF reporting in no time - Plug & Play with the AMANA XBRL Tagger

In our webinar, we will present our solution outlining the simple handling of report produc­tion and the automated tagging support feature based on artificial intelli­gence (AI) developed by AMANA, which signi­ficantly simplifies the creation of ESEF reports.

Referents: Nina Schüller and Janis Steinmann

The most common issues, challenges and solutions in ESEF reporting

In many countries the new ESEF regulation becomes mandatory for the first time for the annual reports of 2021. With a wealth of experience from more than 200 reports tagged in year one, we would like to make you aware of the most important challenges of ESEF for the coming report, how to solve them and the changes that happened to ESEF during the current year.

AMANA has been developing Disclosure Management and XBRL software for more than 10 years. Our XBRL engine is used by hundreds of companies across Europe to generate and process thousands of XBRL reports every year. With more than 600 customers and partners across Europe and more than 200 successfully submitted ESEF filings, we already have a lot of practical experience in working with ESEF.

Learn from our ESEF and XBRL experts what the biggest challenges are in creating annual reports and how you can solve them with our software solutions.

Referents: Nina Schüller, Dr. Philipp Stampfuß (AMANA) and Okan Zengi (Deloitte)

Disclosure Management SmartNotes: End-to-end process to the annual report

Our Disclosure Management SmartNotes increases the effi­ciency in the creation of annual reports and iXBRL reports and helps you to imple­ment the ESEF require­ments. You work with SmartNotes from the first data import, through the input of corrections, to the publication of the annual report in a print-ready layout without media discon­tinuity. Our Disclosure Management System relieves you of the manual work steps so that you can concen­trate on essential content.

Referents: Björn Bielesch and Nina Schüller

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Our client projects

Arkk solutions

Arkk use AMANA's software to provide an outsourced iXBRL tagging service. The software is easy to use and intuitive for both the user and the reviewer. The team at AMANA have been very responsive with incorporating feedback into the software and have been great to work with. We have received some super feedback on the iXBRL output from a number of our clients, especially around the ease of review.”
Jenny Himsley
Arkk solutions


“We have successfully integrated AMANA's XBRL Tagger, a certified XBRL solution, into CtrlPrint to enable our corporate users to make their financial reports ESEF-ready in a fast and effective way. In our tagging sessions in December 2019, 30 listed companies were able, to a very large extent, tag previous year's annual report and create iXBRL reports as a perfect basis for the 2020 report, fulfilling ESMA requirements. Our users, who in general are not familiar with XBRL, were impressed by the easy-to-use functionality of AMANA's XBRL Tagger and the way it played down ESEF/XBRL to something more familiar. We are convinced that it is a perfect addition to our report collaboration tool.”
Karl Magnus Westerberg
companies using
Shares AMANA clients at DAX
FAZ Top 500
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